Update Version 01.26

Just seein if everyone else got this ?? I got the pro 2s and when i seen this pop up i got pretty excited hopin for that passive noise or whatever it is so ya can hear your surroundings and really only reason im wantin them to do that is cuz my work im a mailman fml lol but mgmt gave us stand up talk bout how we cant wear earbuds while driving or walkin and delivering mail if that option got added altho i feel it would mess with sound if using it but would help to keep me outta trouble… and man do these things just keep gettin better def can tell the new treble setting that came with update when using custom eq but seein what others thoughts are on this!!! Whoever reads this i hope you all are doing great!! On a sidenote i stopped my brother from buyin the bose wreless earbuds… told him trust me get these instead i had the bose these r better… wish id known he was lookin so i could a used code and got em for 99.99 during that valentines special… ahahaha … so fitting but for real i shoulda just bought another pair for me

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That’s good to know, I did see a pop up for some update, but did not do it…

Will wait on others to update and get to hear the feedback before I do it myself :wink:

Not update yet. Been too busy.

I’ve installed the update this morning and it seems OK so far. Battery drain is still alot higher on the right had bud (master) than left but I can always make the left the master after a few more hours to even things out. I have noticed obscured text/pictures in the Soundcore App as per the below screenshot. I dont think the firmware update caused this but perhaps the App developers could add it to their list to address as it’d be nice to know what the text reads.

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Glad to know… thanks for the heads up :+1:

I updated my newest pair the second I saw it. I only hear a slight passive sound (white noise) when it’s dead silent on this pair and with the update. So far so good

I received an email from Soundcore re a firmware update - this was a reply from tech support about call quality issues where the other end couldn’t hear me properly. Has anyone noticed any difference with clarity of phone calls, specifically how clear the other person hears you with this newer firmware? My testing is still early days and I’ve had mixed results with just a few phone calls so far.

I was going to create a topic for the battery drain on the right earbud but then I saw this one and yes I can confirm the same. My right EB drains faster and it is always one less bar on the battery indicator.

Well SneakerZombie, if the difference between right and left buds on yours isn’t only one bar on the battery indicator, I’d be thanking my lucky stars. I have had the right side run out of battery power and shut-down while the left still has 3 bars so mine has a much more pronounced difference. Hopefully, if Soundcore use the newer Qualcomm chipset for their successor to the L2P earbuds, this problem should be no more.

How’s your phonecall microphone quality - can everyone on the other end of your calls here you well using the L2P earbuds? I’m sure 1.26 does improve this with mine.

Hello and excuse me I didn’t respond to you before. I just saw your response. Well yes it is as you said only one to two bars and the solution is to put it back on the case for about 10-20 seconds for it to recharge and have the same charge. For phone calls I have been told they listen to me very good, loud and clear… but I haven’t tried calls in a noisy place yet.

I have updated to the latest version, there is an improvement to the treble on the audio,