Upgrade or not for a new headphones

Hi all,

Atm I have [Liberty Air 2 Pro] I am really satisfied with them.

2 days ago I got Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro as a gift.

But I saw that new Liberty 3 pro is out.

What to do ? :slight_smile:

Sell Galaxy Buds pro and buy Liberty 3 pro ?

Anyone have 3 pro, how are they ?

Thanks :slight_smile:

You could try to find a comparative test of both.
But are those “test” always honest, I doubt.

As you got the Samsung as a gift you should keep these and buy the Liberty 3
So you are able to do such a test by yourself. :laughing:

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Hehe, good one :stuck_out_tongue: I dont have such a big budget to have 3 different headphones :slight_smile:

Easy so solve.
If you buy the soundcore and these are better than the Samsung you could sell the Samsung.
And if these 3 pro are even better than the Liberty Air 2 you can sell these too. :laughing:

If the Samsung are better you can return the 3 pro, :smile:

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Selling or keeping them is up to you. It is what you like for your ears. The 3 pros have a wing to them and I have seen my brother and a few others comments here that stated they can get ear aches.

I think it would also depend on what you can get out of the samsung buds and if the upgrades of the 3 pros are worth selling the one to get the others.

Pros/cons is probably where I start to see if it would be worth it.

There should be plenty of reviews on here to search for what people liked or not liked.

You may want to check out my recent post for the Liberty 2 pros upgraded ones as those are on sale 70 percent off.

It may be closest to the 3’s without the 3’s price tag.

good luck on the search…


I own both the LA2P and L3P. While I really like the LA2P. The L3P’s are my favorite Earbuds, bar none.

I don’t have the Samsung’s, but I’ve seen comparisons that say the L3P are better.

My 1st impression/review of the L3P:

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My advice is more philosophical.

So you don’t have a problem to solve.

I’d sell the Galaxy buds to bank the money. Keep the money.

Then wait til your LA2P break/lost or you have changing needs where they are no longer good for you.

Then buy whatever best matches your needs then.

The reason for this approach is

So if you bank the money and wait, then that money may end up being spent sufficiently in the future an even better option than the L3P will probably exist.

If you said different things like you didn’t like the LA2P then I’d be saying different things back!

Soundcore release products fast enough I’d not let the existence of a recent bud as a reason to buy, i.e. don’t be “pulled” to a purchase. I’d wait til you don’t like what you have so be “pushed”.

The “pull” approach makes your poorer as if you bought the L3P you’d regret it when something else better comes out.

There’s plenty who have a draw full of similar products each justified on the latest greatest and their bank balance lower.


That was really awesome answer :slight_smile:

I tried and compared Buds Pro with my Liberty Air 2 pro, and 2 pro are much better :slight_smile: So I am keeping them, selling Buds pro and will wait for the next generation of Air 2 pro ( air 3 pro maybe ? )

Do we now any date for the next release ? Is it every year or


Soundcore tends to not publish their new upcoming products in advance and if we do find out and discuss here we can end up suspended.

So I’ll not say anything here :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

My best advice is wait until there’s an issue with your LA2P, then buy the best available at that time based on reviews. It’s my advice to not buy something immediately when released as the first reviews are usually superficial or biased to positive. So even if / when a LA3P was announced, I’d wait til real unbiased people do reviews.

Personally I find all buds fall out so go with over-ear products.


Well it depends on personal preferences😃
In my case I am happy with L2P