Upgrade to Windows 10 for Free ( from Win 7 / 8 / 8.1)

Thanks for the advise, I have downloaded the FAST version, not installed yet. Will go for the SLOW then.
Any issues otherwise? compared to public release? I get it, BETA is for testing, but any major show stoppers?

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There are times when the OS / applications completely stop - BSOD… after all its windows :smiley:

This has reduced considerably and updates are more and more stable now, but i keep backups - i roll back to old saved setup using system restore… so dont delete your system restores.

What a lot of time do users waste with that …

Sure, will take that.

That’s the reason and risk of signing for Beta…

And by the way @Chiquinho , I rebooted my old tablet with Linux/Ubuntu again… after long time. The sound doesn’t work, looking for a fix online. I will try to fix that tonight.