Upgraded soundcore boost bluetooth only?

I bought the Anker Soundcore Boost under the impression that it would have both bluetooth and aux, but I guess it’s the “upgraded” one, and the aux is replaced with a TWS button. Is there any way I can use the USB or USB-C to play music on the speaker without using bluetooth, or this the upgraded version only for bluetooth? Is there any way I can buy the old version that has the aux input instead of the TWS button?


Yes possible if you can get not upgraded. They are different products.

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I’m not sure where you can find a reliable seller of old version. Maybe you can reach out to customer support and ask if they have any somewhere. But I would assume they only have updated version in their warehouses.

The version is definitely bluetooth only so no way to play using USB


@aiden44 The Soundcore Boost speaker is a newly released product rather than the upgraded one, you are only able to play music with a Bluetooth connection, the USB-C port is used for charging. Regarding the old version you mentioned, you can contact customer support at @soundcore.com to double-confirm it.

May be you find here someone who will swap.
Otherwise no chance.