Upgrading firmware how?

how do I upgrade the firmware???

Make sure you have downloaded the Soundcore app onto your smart phone (click on the app and turn your speaker, buds, or headphones on). Connect to the app and press the 3 dots in the upper right hand corner of the app which will take you to a page where Update Firmware is a choice.
Edit Once you have the app and connect your device. The app should inform you there is an update available (assuming one is available) and ask you if you want to update.

@Melech1 if you have a Soundcore device that supports firmware updating then the instructions by @Steve976 is the way to go.

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Support topic- How to connect to the soundcore app - SUPPORT - Soundcore Collective

If you need visuals check out number 7 and 8 of this thread that I did. I think it depends on the device, I was thinking there was one or two that did not use the app to update the firmware.

But i Don’t get any update. My liberty air 2 Rbuds isn’t chage fulfil. Firmware 01.63

For the liberty air 2 that would be the latest firmware.