[US] Liberty (air) 2 pro - limited time deal 99.99 (89.99) costco



Now I’m not one to delve into the USA deals, as other enjoy (and are better at finding), more than I.

That being said… $50 discount on the liberty 2 pros, and $40 discount on liberty air 2 pros are available until July 18 on the Costco.com website…

And seems that the liberty 2 pros comes with a wireless charging pad…


A pretty nice deal

Both already posted an you commented on them :joy::joy::joy:

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Excelent discount

Bummer… old timers memory… guess there’s a reason I don’t look into the states for market deals… :crazy_face::flushed::crazy_face:

@TheSnarkyOne Thanks for sharing. Maybe you will have to buy yourself after this test (photo :+1:t2:) with ice cream :joy: .

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Sweet deal! :+1: