US Motion Boom Plus $20 off $179 with free beatlight



I clicked on the link but I don’t see any mention of the free Beatlight?

It’s shown in one of the screenshots (see above)

I assume if you added to cart you’d get 2 items.

It’s normal for prices to change weekly but we’re currently seeing small daily changes. I am thinking tomorrow is announcement of more than one product.

If you hit the soundcore logo on the soundcore site, it does show that offer there. It is kinda nice. In the UK stream I saw not long ago they were doing that as well but you had to do it on their live show … but that was a small number of folks they were serving tor that livestream… which is good for those that were getting them.

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Make you wonder how many new items they are coming out with soon if they are giving some of these items the way they are… It looks like it is more than the potential 2 that seems ready to drop…

I see that, but no instructions on how to go about getting the offer. No code. I guess from looking at the add it’s just automatically included? It would be nice if it was mentioned on the Motion Boom+ page.

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I hear ya… as you go to buy it, you may be like … why is that there… lol

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It’s a $36 off code now. I want to see what Amazon is offering Tues-Weds during their Early Access Prime Day this week.