Using earbuds for focus and productivity

Got some liberty 3 Pros because I have ADHD and want to focus better and be more functional on the day to day, anybody else here like me? Share some good recommended focus music, tips, whatever you’re vibing with, I’m all ears! Ayyyyyyy :smirk::point_right::point_right:

Although not diagnosed, I do feel I have some ADHD.

I tend to multitask as I work. I will be listening to the radio in one ear, or music with my earbuds, and working at my desk.

Now the app has a white noise producer…

Other options it to go to Youtube and look up 8d music as the swirling sound may help or there is some music (think called like space music) where they should have some music for ADHD. There is supposedly msuic therapy in the songs to help with ADHD and a few other things.

It is different than the music therapy for Aspergers

I’ll be keeping an eye on this thread as I know someone that this might help. Thanks for sharing! :+1:

I just came across this simple web based white noise generator the other day. Hope it might be useful to someone.

For Soundcore-related tips I’d recommend:

  • put some select few non-voice classical music on a loop. Repition helps with focus.
  • use ANC to cancel sound, and I often use it playing nothing just to remove sound.

For non-Soundcore-related I’d recommend:

  • brain gets focused if you give it one big problem to solve.
  • so learn math, physics, and then get the biggest problems into your head.
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