Valentine's Day Chocolate Bacon

If your Significant other doesn’t need more soundcore gear, and roses might be taken the wrong way, how about bacon chocolate roses?

I had never heard of bacon and chocolate before this, now I think it might be the key to my heart…

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I have had bacon and chocolate. Not my favourite.

I really like candied bacon in buttercream frosting, and candied bacon In ice cream. Surprisingly good


This is what my wife tagged me in a post about.

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This would be good except my wife is allergic to chocolate. She lives bacon though so i might just buy her a bunch of different varieties of bacon

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I liked your post because there wasn’t an unlike button available. No pickles, gross.

Bacon?! Yes please!!! I don’t care if it’s regular, chocolate covered, or candied!! Bacon is bacon!!

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Not certain I would be a fan of bacon and chocolate together…bacon in a PBJ sandwich yep, on it’s own with some brown sauce, definitely :slightly_smiling_face:

Forget about bacon roses, I want a bacon bowl maker such as this one seen on Amazon. LOLOL