Volume buttons on Q30 muting my device after switching from previous device

Has anyone experienced the volume buttons muting your device on first press after switching devices?

I’ve connected my Q30 to my PC and my smartphone. Let’s say I play pause on Spotify app, then go to my PC and press play on a YouTube video; a couple seconds later I start getting sound. However, if I press volume up or volume down on the Q30, my PC gets muted and I have to keep pressing volume up to get sound again. And vice versa, if I go back to play music by pressing play on the app, wait a couple second to get sound, as soon as I press either volume up or volume down on the headphones, my phone gets muted.

I’m on firmware 1.70, have no access to v1.80, and I’m not sure if this latest version will fix this issue.


Funny enough yes I had this exact same last night. I thought I’d done something wrong.

Yes, this doesn’t happen with just one device connected but I specifically bought them to have two devices connected at a time. Also, it was a hassle to get them paired via NFC. Unfortunately, they are going back.

On the one hand I’m sad you’re returning, as we’re seeing now firmware updates whack-a-mole fixing the issues, on the other hand I’m happy you’ve bought from someone who readily accepts return as that then gives you faith to at least try (and hopefully like but otherwise return).

I liked most of the things about the Q30’s, but the firmware still needs work. I’ll wait a few months to give them another try.

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I face this volume problem as well.

I’m facing a similar problem. Moreover when they’re connected to my pc, after some times the sound stops while the connection remains stable and the mic still works. The only solution to solve this problem is to turn off and then on again the Q30

@Tia31, @jialiang123: I guess it’s best to contact support to let them know this is happening so they can fix it in the next firmware release (if it wasn’t fixed already in v1.80, which has been released in some regions.)
I just couldn’t wait, so I returned mine while I could.

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try other device. I just find depend on devices.

Same issue here.
Volume button mute the headphones.
Quite annoying.

Firmware 1.90

I sometimes have the same thing happen to me… but for me it has nothing to do with switching devices or anything I can discern. It just happens.

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Does anyone here think it’s a deal-breaker? It is for me a small annoyance I’m happy to ignore given everything else.

Not a deal breaker once I learned I just have to press the +volume button a few times. The first few times I did not have a clue. Figure this is eventually addressed in Firmware.

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We agree.:wink:

Well… A small annoyance,
Would you like to buy a car and everyone you stop in a red light it stops and you should switch the key off and back on?

That could be very very annoying and I’m pretty sure noone would be happy with it.
When I purchase a product, I don’t like to have such annoyances and want it to work properly.

It’s more like when window is slightly open and you want it more closed you need to wind it down a bit first.

Do you return the car that? Or do you report it to garage and wait for other reasons to accumulate first?

I have a little difference but very similar problem. When I switch back to the previous device (laptop) the volume level more quiet then earlier set. When I click the volume up button the volume jump to the original level. firmware 1.90
I hope the ANKER’s developers read this thread.

I have the same issue ( V1.9 - While dual devices connected)

Edit: The problem seems solved with firmware v2.1 ( 1st of april)

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