Volume for Liberty 3 pro (low)

Hello everyone! I just got my L3P’s yesterday and I am noticing that when I put them on, the volume is like 2 notches lower when I play a song. I followed the steps on resetting, connecting to a different device (which it works just fine on my lab top).

Some clarification would be helpful, thanks.



Have you used the app to make volume up control on the buds then turned volume up?

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When you say the volume is 2 notches lower, in comparison to what?

I also agree with making sure you have the volume control on the Buds maxed out.

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I have the Frames and some Soundcore TWS buds which have in common two volume controls. To get maximum sound I have to both turn up “media” volume on the phone and use the app to make the buttons control volume and then use those controls to turn up volume.

My laptop has two additional places where volume controls, e.g. volume in YouTube and total volume.

So I’d check all these places for volume controls.

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