Vortex or Life Q10?

Which would yall recommend? I listened to a pair of Vortex headphones at Walmart and they sounded pretty good. I’ve yet to listen to the Life Q10 though so I can’t make an honest comparison before I choose which one to get. I know the Life Q10 is the newer (and cheaper) model but I’ve read great reviews on both of them. The Vortex has the AptX technology as well. Is that a difference maker in sound quality?

You were able to find Anker in store at Walmart?

Walmart sells a lot of anker products

@golfer30nk I would get the Vortex, it not only sounds better but is overall more comfortable. To be honest I would get the Space Nc, but that’s just me

Sure did. They had the Vortex and Life 2 on display for customers to try out. The Life 2 NC pair they didnt have turned up very loud so I couldnt tell if they sounded good or not. But the Vortex sounded very good I thought.

Do the Space NC have better overall sound quality? I mostly listen to headphones in my room where there’s little to no noise at all so I don’t really need Noise Cancelling unless it actually provides a better overall sound. So I wouldn’t want to spend the extra money for something I didn’t need.

If you dont need ANC, then just get the vortex. Much better sound than the Q10 from what others who have both have said

Thanks for the feedback! Vortex it is. It’s been almost 10 yrs since I’ve had a new pair so I’m pretty excited about it lol. Be my first quality pair of wireless headphones too.

Good stuff, hope you stick around the community and post up a review when you get them and use them for a bit.

Will do! Thanks again!

Congrats and enjoy your purchase. Leave a review and say how you like it

If you only need it for music sound quality, go with Vortex.
It is amazing and is only soundcore full size headphone that has aptX

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Walmart near me has the Liberty Air 2 and Liberty 2 in stock as well.