VR P10 & Nintendo Switch... Any Reviews?

Has anybody used the VR P10 with their Nintendo Switch? And if so, how was it? Would love to hear about your experience with it and if it’s worth the purchase. According to everything I’ve seen on the review with them and the Quest 2, they are worth every penny! But I have the first version of the Quest and would rather pair them with my Nintendo Switch! Thanks in advance!

I have been tempted to get them for my son of his quest 2 or for me for use with the ps4 as I tend to use the VR headset to free up the tv for my wife. I have not made the purchase for them yet.

I know some of the systems do have some trouble with using any earbuds and it would be cool to use them during the games than some set with the ps4 vr that makes me look like a defunded robocop lol…

I know recently the switch has had an update that will allow use of a lot of earbuds with its update.

With that said, I think the VR p10 would have the gaming mode where it would not have the lag (unsure how the others buds would do). The worse case is the P3 has the gaming function and would be the best second option.

I thought the Strike series looked promising but they were more of a basic headeset (with a flawed headband issues) but the VR p10 seems to hit a great nitch where it filled a need as well as seems to be a pretty good design as well.