W10 keyboard shortcut manager - PowerToys

We have some power users in here, and I think a few of you will be as excited about this as I am:

For anyone who uses a lot of windows at once, the fancy zones utility was already a pretty cool feature, I’m looking forward to this one too.

And yes, Linux already has this. But I can still be excited to catch up.

I hate the fact about Windows 10 creating N number of versions and builds … worse than the Windows 7 Service Packs…

and these powertoys are not going to work for a lot of companies or users who have not upgraded their Win 10 installations…

these powertoys need a min of Windows 10 Build version 1803 (Build 17134) or higher

I’m trying to switch mainly to Linux mint. My Pc is dual booted with windows 10.

I still keep windows because sometimes I need windows only software

I know this from LINUX.
Not a new feature there.

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