Wakey Alarm Cancel On Device

Say I wake up 10 minutes before my alarm. I can’t figure out any way to pre-cancel today’s alarm. I’ve tried holding down the “Alarm” button but it only shows me the “Next” alarm (which is in 10 minutes).

I don’t sleep with my phone in the bedroom, so relying on the App for this is a bit annoying. Furthermore, as far as I can tell, I can only disable the alarm for that day of the week altogether, which them requires me to later remember to re-enable it.

If I’m missing something, please let me know. Otherwise, please consider some mechanism to cancel the next alarm (without any permanent disable).


Not a Wakey person but I think several have got it like @Mitesh_Shah and I think @TechMan did (or (or not)

I don’t think you’re missing anything, as I have the same issue. Since I always have to turn it off through the app…

That is a must have feature… its really awkward to have it turn off from paired smartphone …

from loving to liking and now good to not having Wakey… hope Wakey 2 gets better with all the feedback

Good question, but not good to have that feature on a alarm clock :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Can be ONLY turned off by the app?
Thats really annoying!

Well that’s a bit of a blow, perhaps a firmware update can change going forward…at the moment I would be doing this most mornings if it is app only…


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Here, all Wakey Owners… can you do it :point_up:

Btw, just so everyone knows… I don’t recommend the wakey. It’s a great little alarm clock/speaker, and I absolutely love it, but it definitely has some rough edges, and I wouldn’t spend $100 on it.

I would wait for V2, which I’m sure will be AMAZING!

Full review and suggestions coming soon


I always wanted one of these, but now I have to think again. Glad I saved $100??


Turning off the alarm from the device is a required feature. No doubt at all, the app needs to only be for extra features, but not basic functionality.

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It’s like restricting car keys to be at home all the time… To use the car - you need to go home, get the key, and turn Off and On… isn’t it funny.

Hope Soundcore Team takes note of the feedback!

Not sure I follow the analogy exactly, but it is very limiting.

I had a Chromecast and a Roku to use to stream my media. Turns out having a physical interface to the Roku (in addition to the phone interface for either) meant that the Roku is the only one that gets used. There are some things that are just better with the ability to use separately from your phone.

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I use Google home mini to cast YouTube videos to Chromecast… Been a while since used iPhone to cast … Would have used Chromecast more had there been a physical control… may be this is where Google postman opportunity

Some combination of wanting a universal remote for everything, but with physical buttons. Logitech’s Harmony product was popular for a reason.

Totally need this - if I want to cancel alarm for next day or wake before alarm goes off, need to be able to cancel from the unit … esp. if you forget to connect BlueTooth. night before, and need to do this to cancel alarm, and when you connect Bluetooth beep goes off, sleeping partner… think about it guys!
Need a firmware update ASAP please SoundCore