Wakey: Can the Clock Face Colon : blinking be turned off?

I synced the time with my phone, and don’t understand why the colon on the clock face always blinks.

I don’t think the device is super bright when I turn my lights off (I have mine on Auto), but if the : constantly blinks, it’s constantly changing the light levels in the room. That’s something that carries through the eye lids.

I looked at a couple youtube videos just to confirm others do the same. I see theirs blinking too.

Surely this can be turned off…if not, please add in a future firmware update.
I like having the time visible as I sleep, and can live with it.
I also think the blue Qi charge light should be disabled…please make this available in a firmware update.

We should be able to fully customize our lights, it’s a BEDSIDE CLOCK afterall!


I have to say that in a funny way, you are the 3rd person within a week that is asking about the dimming or disabling of the blue QI charging light.

PS Welcome to the community.

Regarding the blue light, yeah, I read through the forums and saw that not all are in favor.

That’s why I just kind of tacked it on as a firmware request. :slight_smile:

It is pretty cool that you did search through the forum. It does help to see what others likes and gripes have been or any potential issues.

As a mod here, I like to greet you to the community. Should check the community out and participate in some of their activities that they may do from time to time.

These are definitely some nice ideas to have implemented in a firmware update. Hopefully they take your suggestions

I’m just waiting for them to release a wakey 2 with the fixes tbh.

I feel like a firmware update would be better for these small fixes and then the wakey 2 for a bigger update like having google assistant build in or something like that.

Yea I agree also feel like the have released new earbuds or speakers several time since the wakey has been released. Feel like it’s about that time.

I’d be down for a V2 with Alexa/Google.

Who knows, maybe even V1 could have it w/firmware update, there is a microphone after all…

Regardless, V1 should at least get a firmware update for these simple lighting fixes.
We’re talking about a literally addressing code to a few LEDs on the device.

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Is it still having issues?

I agree I’m hopeful for a firmware update to fix a lot of the small issues that people are having and I don’t see a point in making a v2 just to fix the little things like this. Hope you are enjoying your wakey. If you have any other issues let us know.

I agree 100%. That blinking colon and blue Qi light are annoying AF.

It’s so annoying that I have taken to affixing tiny pieces of black electrical tape onto the display to block them (somewhat) . It lessens the problems, but is not an ideal solution because - TAPE IS ON MY DISPLAY.

Shout out to Donald Norman’s book The Design of Everyday Things.