Wakey Wakey! Are You An Early Bird Or A Night Owl?

The big question for today is:

Are you an early bird or a night owl?

With the new school year starting, some of us here at Soundcore HQ have been reminiscing about when we were students. We got onto the subject of early morning classes and I realized that unlike a lot of people, I never had a problem waking up early for class, whereas some of the others said they preferred to stay in the library until midnight to write essays and cram for exams.

Why is it that some of us find waking up early effortlessly easy, while others feel at their most productive late in the evening? This video explains the science behind it pretty well:

So tell me… Are you an early bird or night owl?

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  • Night Owl

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Even though early birds and night owls will never agree on the best time to go to sleep, there’s one thing everyone can agree on: An alarm clock is an absolute must-have :alarm_clock: And of course there’s only one alarm clock that gets the Soundcore seal of approval—it’s Wakey of course!

If you’re not familiar with Wakey, it’s an all-in-one bedside speaker which has loads of built-in features such as:

Wireless Fast Charging
Whatever time you decide to fall asleep, simply place your Qi-compatible device down on top of Wakey to recharge. Its wireless charging pad is powered by Anker technology to deliver a fast 10W charge for Samsung phones and 7.5W charge for iPhones.

Lots of Ports
In addition to wireless charging, Wakey also has additional USB charging ports for your other devices.

Multiple Alarms
To help those of us who struggle to get up in the morning, Wakey’s app lets you set up to 15 unique alarms and choose from 10 custom tones to ensure you definitely wake up on time!

All-in-One Design
There’s no need for a separate speaker in your bedroom, Wakey’s got dual 5W drivers to deliver sound with rich bass and enhanced clarity. And you can listen to FM radio as well!

Does Wakey sound like the speaker for you? I can’t confirm anything but if you come back tomorrow, there may or may not be a giveaway :thinking:

And leave a comment telling me why it’s great being an early bird or a night owl :arrow_down:


I consider myself a night owl who is an early bird. So I tend to be able to fall asleep easily as well as being peppy early in the morning. Or I am really a night owl with an undiagnosed ADHD (as my supervisor tends to think about me)…lol


I am an early bird.
But because the Wakey needs a stable bt/wifi connection its not an item for me.


I sleep all the time lol


I’m a night Owl today and an early Bird tomorrow, and repeat every day :smile: So, an alarm is a part of life and I may think of moving to a dedicated alarm clock like Wakey. Tired of doing it with my phone and need to find alternate alarms/.


Personally I’m an early bird who is forced to be a night owl because of scheduling.


I am an early bird, always been one, start early and retire to bed early :wink:


I am night owl. So I do need alarm clock to get up early in the morning.
But night owls have an advatage comparing to early birds: they can enjoy nightlife without any discomfort❣️


Night owl forced to be an early bird by work schedule.


I’m a burn the candle at both ends or I was. As a younger man I saw sleep as an unnecessary interruption into living life to the full. Now, as an older man, I see sleep as necessary to helping recharge the grey matter. Interestingly that grey matter seems to have leaked and also changed the colour of my hair!!


I think in nature we evolved to deliberately have some people early risers and some late risers, so to give us shifts to protect ourselves.

Childcare, one does the last things for the baby, another person does the first things, don’t necessarily all sleep at the same time.

I’m a late owl and later riser naturally, and have afternoon kips sometimes, while others are early to bed early rise and they say they like the quiet and me not awake. So I think it’s a natural diversity we evolved.


Well I was born, matured as and will die a Night Owl. Why you asked? It’s simple. I rarely sleep. I’m 50 years old and all I need is about 2-3 hours every 8-9 days and I’m to go. The strangest thing about my sleeping habit is that I’ve gone 22, 18, 17 and 15 days without sleeping and didn’t notice it until someone else points it out. TRUE, ALL TRUE.


Thanks for sharing! And welcome to the Soundcore Collective!


I’m neither. I have a fairly balanced schedule.

I’m usually in bed by 1:30-2:00, and I get up at 6:00 everyday.



100% a night owl. Started way back in high school with staying up late and getting 4 hours of sleep and functioning with no issues. Fast forward 10 years later and it started becoming more of a struggle. Once I got married and we had our first kid, I would stay up late so my wife could sleep and I could get all of the crying/feedings. Second kid was the same way, only now that they both sleep through the night (mostly) and my wife is out cold by 11 or so, I use it as a time to take the dog for a walk (just hit our 1000th walk the other day), “reset” the house for the next day and to catch up on YouTube and what not. Now I’m back to 4-5 hours of sleep which is fine by me being I don’t have to drag myself to the office for the foreseeable future.

Only issue that makes it rough is when my older daughter gets up at 5-6 am and comes into our room, so me and wife take turns taking her back to bed. Let’s just say coffee is my best friend.


Definitely an early riser here. I can stay up late but I will still be getting up early in the morning. I just don’t have it in me to sleep away the day. I mean I do have a mini me (son) that is a 6AM alarm clock :rofl::rofl::rofl:


I can honestly be both depending on the day. Since lockdown, I’ve been somewhat of a night owl mostly because I can’t seem to wake up early anymore :joy:

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I’m a nightowl, I work nightshift and love it. Except ut leaves me half awake during the day and doggy at night in some days


Only an early bird because my work schedule demands it of me. :grin: