Wave Goodbye iTunes

Apple is saying goodbye to iTunes with the release of OS Catalina
Apple says goodbye to iTunes with release of MacOS Catalina

With the 10.15 Catalina update for Macs, iTunes has been broken apart into separate Apple Music, Podcasts and TV apps. New features include Activation Lock for T2 security chips and the introduction of Screen Time to monitor app usage

How will this effect those who won iTunes gift cards? @Loz

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:cry: Right after I win a $1000 iTunes giftcard… apples hates us. I’ve been saying it all along :joy:


It says here that gift cards will remain active.

You can buy lots and lots of apps, fund Apple TV+ :joy:

That’s literally probably what I’m gonna do. Just buy apps lol

Meh I still would rather have an Apple giftcard

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Same. In two years when I upgrade it would be free…

Apple Gift card would have been a better option than iTunes… But It Is - what - It Is !

Maybe next time it will be Apple gift cards. Or maybe a pre-loaded Visa card with money on it!

That was my thought as well, but I am not going to complain in the least.

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If you use an Apple gift card you will get a bug free OS! :rofl:

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Bug free :grin:

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Hmmm… how do we backup our phone then? I use iTunes on Windows (once in a long while - the process is difficult)

Through the operating system itself I would guess

I doubt it would effect at all, iTunes has just been split into separate programs, the core functions and services will still be present including gift card redemption…

Only installed last night but I can see it still has the wonderful bug where files are copied to the media folder when added to library…even though the option is unchecked!

Of course Apple will make a WIN-version of this new software available.
Much more WIN-users of Itunes than Apple ones.

I dont mind at all. Old Ipod connected to an old Macbook.
Old software can non be updated and therefore works! :grin:

They are not discontinuing iTunes on Windows at the moment…but if they did, I guess they would go try to go a similar route (if poss) to how they are going to be doing backup on MacOS, via the Finder / File Browser…

How is it difficult? You literally plug in the phone and hit backup and you’re done.

All my backups are saved to the cloud. Havent needed to connect a phone to Pc/Mac in years.

Yes, direct to computer backups are rare now. Not needed for most purposes, the cloud works well enough.