We were talking about the Stones a lot!

But we should not forget the other fantastic band from the 60’ies.
Who they are?
THE BEATLES of course.
Here is an early life recording from 1965.
How old was I ?
Old enough to listen and love these songs! :smile:

here is one from München (Zirkus Krone)

And this is the very beginning :

An at last one in color!

Enough with such a nostalgia! :laughing:


Thanks for sharing these songs.

I prefer the Beatles to the Stones. Just my opinion.

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me too.
Both bands were milestones in the history of pop.
And I adore the Stones still performing such a good life stage show,

Fitting thread, considering sir Paul just turned 80.

I like both, both different styles of music.

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Thanks for sharing. Both bands are historically great! :+1:

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