Website for Awarence of Class Action Settlements

I just saw a thread about the Apple Class Action Lawsuit Settlements & it made me think of how many people miss out on some of these due to the lack of media coverage. Below is a website I utilize and check every once and while to see if there are any items that I qualify that I would have not known otherwise.

Below are just some examples of the “bigger” name companies happening right now (many others on the website):

Roundup® Weed & Grass Killer Product Label Class Action Settlement

GE Shattering Microwave Class Action Settlement

Yahoo Data Breach Class Action Settlement

3M Dental Crown Class Action Settlement

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Interesting site… lot of claims can be submitted…

It’s cool because it helps consolidate these class actions so you can at least browse through any that apply to you. I have had shoes, printers, computers, baby wipes, & coffee to name a couple of products that applied to me. Think the most I have received back from one is $100, but some can get very high if they apply to you & damage was involved (water leak, ID theft, floor replacement, etc…).

Very interesting, i agree that most of these get quietly swept under the rug.

I’ll be checking this periodically going forward.

Thanks for the post