Weird Bulstering/Muffling Noise From Right Bud Only Of Soundcore L3PRO

Problems with L3Pro described as a first user of this product. Two (2) days ago i received this product after purchasing it online. Everything was working fine but suddenly while i was using the right bud at work today, I noticed it was constantly switching from ANC to Normal, and then Transparency mode. All this happened without any touches or interventions with the I.E.M. or my smartphone. Then later today (4/14/2022) I started hearing an annoying, constant, blustering or muffling noise from the right earbud only (the sound is not loud as it is only heard when nothing is being played through the buds). It is only heard in ANC or Transparency modes. Once the buds have connected with my smartphone (Samsung A72) the noise begins. I have tried resetting the buds, un-installing and re-installing the Soundcore app & did both the ANC & HEARID setups numerous times in hope of solving this issue. None has resolved it. Thus, I have no choice but to return this product as i was really enjoying the higher quality of sound/depth of bass from the L3PRO (pretty frustrated first time consumer of a Soundcore Product. Was really looking forward to it as a b/day present for myself, Sigh)… If anyone else ever experienced this issue or knows someone that has, I would appreciate any worthy submissions to aid my predicament. Thanks in advance…

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Its under warranty.
So write an email to the support
Dont forget to add “all” numbers of the device.

Was there a recent firmware update to the earbuds? Also wondering if you have them connected to another device, or perhaps if not can you trial with another device?

Having said that, sounds more like a possible electrical issue, perhaps. So I’d second send through to service and they’ll set it right.