Whare to do HearID

Can’t find how to do the HearID test

Not every Earbuds have it. If yours do it wound be be in the App. Which Earbuds do you have?

The hear id is mostly in the higher end earbuds.

The Life P3 say that it has hearid on the website.

On the left: https://photos.app.goo.gl/UEVLkMR4nQE8fyzr9

However can’t find it in the app

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Your earbuds will need to be connected to BT and then connected to the app. Once they are connected to the app, you will be able to click the connected p3 in the app (when the case is open or out of the case) and it will give you the ability to do a few change depending on the device.

Usually when you go to its page, it will have at the bottom something like Hearid and equalizer like the Liberty air 2 pro. I got the P3 but I do not have them a work today.

Basically the BT connection will let you listen to them but you have to open the app and then have it connected to the app.

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