What a waste of time and money

I’ve never had this much problem before setting up headphones with anything!! The headset itself would pair, however the dangle just refused no matter what I did or how many times I tried! I also went back and read the manual, step-by-step, and reread several times with the same result. I would have thought that they would have at least worked like regular earbuds without the dangle, but not on this phone!! I was extremely frustrated, my son was frustrated and I was starting to just get mad!! I reached out to Soundcore with no results…only the same old automated system email, and never did hear back from an actual person–and still haven’t!! That was on Christmas day! I even did some research to find out how and where to purchase a single dangle for them, and apparently you can’t get one anywhere!! What an absolute waste of good money and precious family time on something that should have been pretty easy to do… I DO NOT recommend this set!!

What item are you referring to? The reason I ask is I might just have it and can give you a couple of suggestions.

One other suggestion for tomorrow would be to contact Support during business hours. I’ve called them before and always got through.

What phone and dongle are you referring to?
But remember this is not the support. :smiley:
You should co9ntact it tomorrow

I was talking about the VR P10 EB earbuds for the Oculas Quest 2. I am open to any suggestions you may have! I don’t think I really want to mess with them again though , if I am truly being honest about it. It’s a very good thing that I didn’t not have to pay full price for them.

I finally did get an reply back from them, and they said–FYI-THIS MIGHT BE IMPORTANT FOR SOMEONE ELSE TO KNOW ABOUT–you can get the dongle separately from Amazon! I have looked although I have not been able to find it. :confused: Thank you for your reply @Soundcore

It’s an IPhone 13 mini, but my other son tried to set it up with his Samsung Galaxy S21 FE 5G and was also unsuccessful…

Double post. Sorry.,
What a great efficient server we have here. :laughing:

So its a question for the support againb.
They might be glad to help you.
Its their job, they get paid for! :grin:

Lol, I am kinda new at this, too… I’m not really into social media much anymore!

You should remember, that soundcore’s activities are focussing on unsocial media
like fakebook inselgram and ticktack.

This place here is not “en vogue” any more.
Its more than neglected.

Such a great pity, as it was a perfect forum for helping each other and communicate.
All over now,.
Many of the regulars have left this place
not willing wasting time here by doing support’s job
without gaining any recognition…

Quality comes through testing, testing comes through mainstream. Some obscure audio product for an obscure VR product is not mainstream.