What about a Giveaway?

As far I see the last one was in May.
So its time to create a giveaway.
Not only because I got my points I was missing for such a long time (Thank you Vanessa!)


I think I have 116 Giveaway Tickets. It’s definitely been awhile since the last one. That being said I’ve never won one even though I entered them quite a few times.

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I do believe we need to get a admin first, lol but yes I agree with you on getting back to updates, songs, photos, trivia and giveaways would be great :slight_smile:

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Won a few things but I do need to go get missing tickets and such. I have not really been looking at them for a bit… but should have a few…

In that is the next challenge. So many have accumulated many tickets your chance of winning will be low for many weeks once resumed.

The system is broken for me, no Notes now for 5 months, only tickets.

When I think about the amount of Powerpoints many of ours own at the ANKER’ forum,
I would suggest an exchange!

10 ANKER Powerbucks for 1 Giveaway-Ticket!
What about such a deal? :joy:

It will be interesting to see how the changes will be for Anker. I wonder if they are going to implement the gallery there.

I will say that it may be me but when Eufy Security community was in Anker community, I do not remember that many threads being made in Anker.

Agree on that as well. I think part of it is what the product is as well. You will have a lot more folks going for a Q45 than say a q10. So q45 should be lower odds than trying for a q10.

I have a good bit of tickets missing I don’t even have a count.

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funny thing is I always wanted a flare mini and it was popular on the giveaways , never won one although I tried for it so if giveaways come back i hope a flare will be part of it lol i am determined to win one or i will have to breakdown and buy one as a christmas present to myself lmao I am cheap when it comes to me although have no problem buying others whatever they want

If getting a flare mini.
Take two.
Fantastic sound for smaller rooms in TWS mode.

Thanks for the heads up :blush:

Sorry to post late to this, but is there anything going on with this forum from Soundcore that I’ve missed? I’ve not seen any admins post in a bit.

Partly answered here

“short staffed” hiatus

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