What about a little bit of Vanilla (Vanilla Fudge)?

This is a song which was a worldwide hit o far I remember.


This song plays at least once a day in work, me and my friend Cindy, sing it together loud . The problem is we are both tone deaf and sound horrible but love rock :rofl:

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Many of nowadays singers are more than “tone deaf”.
But the problem is ,they don’t know and others have to listen to their “works” :grin:

This is a great cover version. Thanks for sharing.

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Thanks for sharing. It’s a good cover! :+1:

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Ahh… Vanilla Fudge is so much better than Vanilla Ice😂

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Depends on the ice maker. :smiley:

I suppose a nice Vanilla Rum Ice could be refreshing in this heat :tropical_drink:

Here in München its about 24C now 19:40

We’re a bit warmer here :crazy_face:

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TN is Tennessee?
93F = 33C

So a beer or ice cream is the best.

Yes, Tennessee. :beers:

So I will write “München BY” in the future.
BY is Bayern = Bavaria.:smile:

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