Ive owned the liberty air 2 and now the liberty 3 Pros by soundcore, I also own apple, Samsung, beats and jvc models but of them all my soundcores tend to be my favorites. Anyone else have an opinion on the best earbuds out

I took my Beat Pro earbuds to Apple to get them repaired. I have Apple Care on them. (My son gave them to me after I lost my Liberty earbuds. He seen that I was bummed out so he got me a set of Beats earbuds.) My beats had to be sent out for repair. But I have a trip in two days and needed something in the meantime. There was a BestBuy across the road and they had the Life Note E half price! These things are remarkable!! Best $25 I’ve spent in a long time. I think I’m going to use these for a while. :grin:

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My favorite Soundcore Earbuds are the L3P and LA2P. They are more than good enough for me.

That being said I’ve always favored Speakers and Headphones when allowed be the situation I’m in.

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