What are the differences?

What are the differences between the Life Q10 and Life Q20?

High Level Differences:

Life Q20 has ANC and uses Micro-USB for charging.

Life Q10 has no ANC and uses USB-C for charging.

Both support Aux mode, Life Q10 supports MultiPoint and playtime of up to 60hrs.

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They both support 60hr playtime with ANC off.

To continue the differences, the Q10s have far better sound quality then the Q20. Better separation in the different frequency’s, better detail etc. etc.

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Both will not use their mic if connected to a computer by an Aux cable.

The Q20s are substantially more comfortable than the Q10s for me. Better fit, softer cushions, and they rotate a little further to fit your head as needed.

I find the sound fairly similar, and like the ANC on the Q20.

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Nice comparison and input there… Hopefully the Q30 may arrive soon with the benefits of these 2 headsets.

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I would definitely be excited about a headset that had the best of both options!