What are your thoughts on Soundcore collaborating with another company? Which would you choose?

Similar to how Anker collaborated with DBrand skins for some products, what company would you like to see Soundcore collaborate with? Not necessarily just for skins, but maybe another brand that has a feature that you like but is not currently offered on a Soundcore product e.g. Bose drivers in the Infini

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I think collaborating is a good thing. Subaru and Toyota own percentage of each company and have come out with some nice cars over the last few years. BMW and Toyota with Supra project is another project…

As to Soundcore upping the Sound quality by working with another company would be a great idea.

Sharing ideas and technologies will always be a good thing, along as it doesn’t mean an overinflated price.

I would love to see Soundcore partner with one of the higher end audio companies such as Bang & Olufsen, Bower & Wilkins, or even Sennheiser among many others. I think their audio expertise can help launch Soundcore into another level of sound quality all while keeping prices reasonable

You know you only get points for 2 posts per day :crazy_face:

Oh fully aware, just popped into my head while I was waiting on some files to copy at work lol.

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Bose, JBL or Altec Lansing

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Good what company though…

I’ve always thought they would make a good partner with Roku. Roku’s include generic headphones, they are getting into the audio space now; could have easily been Soundcore’s products.

I completely forgot out them until you mentioned it lol

Sonos or Google

They’ve already partnered with google for several products…