What can iTunes giftcard be used for? Apple Music?

What can iTunes giftcard be used for? Apple Music?


I have not dealt the Apple wallet but I wonder if you can add the cards with your Apple wallet.

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This was already posted…

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They should change it to an Apple giftcard.

This is what us in the business call a shameless 5 experience point post. Gotta get your 30 a day.

You mean to tell me that out of the 15+ people you have referred to the community, none of them will tell you what an itunes giftcard can be used for?

I should be changed to an amazon giftcard.

But I would be lying if I said I wasn’t feeling the fatigue as well. And to answer your question someone in the other thread mentioned Apple Arcade will be realeasing soon which seems kinda cool.

As an iOS beta tester I got early access to it. It is pretty cool, with some pretty good premium games. If you’re a person who likes premium games, that are well made, then I would recommend it.

Amazon Gift Card would be the best… not an Apple iTunes or store card fan… Had tough time thinking what to do with my previous Apple gift card :pensive:

That would definitely be better. I imagine the competition would be more intense!

Oh it definitely would. Itunes seems a bit limited.