What do you want me to test in the Q35's?

Hello guys! I should finally receive my Q35’s tomorrow after like a week of delays :grimacing: (thanks UPS). I wanted feedback from the Community on what I should test! What I currently have on my list;

  • Test wear detection, does it work properly and does it delay?

  • LDAC, on MacBook Pro, does it make a difference?

  • App Connectivity and features

  • Wired vs Wireless

  • Using the Life Q35’s in daily use, commuting, working out, e.t.c.

  • Battery life

  • Microphone quality.

  • Using it for YouTube, Netflix, Disney+ and Zoom calls.

  • How is the Active Noise Cancellation compared to other products in the same price range.

  • From a user standpoint

  • Calls in noisy environment (AI-enhanced calls.)

Let me know anything else you think I should test in the comments. Thanks!

You go a good start in your testing there. The testing be about all of those thing but I what it will come down too is how well you like it.

When I have tried to test some things, I also to test some out of the box things that you do not see others commenting about.

My test of the Spirit X, I took a pic of me underwater,
Spirit Dots stated you could wear them to sleep and I took a nap in them.

So you do not need to have all the test structured and try to find the things that a user would really need to know about the headset.

Thanks @Duane_Lester ok so from a consumer standpoint? correct?

Sounds like a good list of things for sure. UPS says mine will be here tomorrow as well but we’ll just see about that :joy:. I’m on Windows so should have similar list but different focus as there were a lot of complaints about Q30 with Windows. Good luck and have fun testing!

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I would a little depending on if you are doing a video or text and the time you may have. You have to determine what you think about the amount of time to spend on each.

You may have a lot spend time on the LDAC by testers which does have the benefits for it. I also try to think of the topics that we get on here on other Q series headphones and about the use of the device for Zoom or other meetings. With these they come with a microphone in the cable and I was wondering if that may help solve some of those Zoom calls.

Thanks! I want my video to stand out from the others.

Calls in noisy environment

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Good luck to you @Shivam_Shah. I have no UPS email yet. It may came with no UPS email. Wife deleted my Eufy cam notification as I had my android device off the internet.

Glad others have their right now and I can enjoy their topics and videos until then. :slight_smile:

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Oh yeah! I have heard tons of complaints in general of the Bluetooth on windows. Apple does a much better job

email service@soundcore for the tracking.

Oooh thats a good topic

I am good right now. It will be here soon. The early tester of them is a little late now :slight_smile: . Since others are getting them, I will keep an eye out and if there is an issue, I will contact someone. Can not wait to see other community reviews


Sound leakage compared to Q30

Don’t have the Q30’s so how would I test it?

I think you got a pretty good list of things to test so far. I think you might even find more once you start reviewing

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Those are testing options. Those are my plans. Mine is delayed as well. Looks like it arrives on Friday, but I never received any info that it was sent out. But I see that I have a package arriving from the same area that they normally send me samples to test. I was hoping it would have come in earlier. I had a procedure at the hospital and these would have been perfect for post op and pre op in a noisy hospital.

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I didn’t get any emails so I had to email Soundcore to get the tracking info.

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I figured that was the case. I normally get an email. But they were sending so many out, they may have missed a few emails.

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True I agree!