What does everyone do for a living?

The community is made up of an eclectic group of people who all care about music and sound and everything in between. We all come from different places, backgrounds, and interests. That got me thinking about what everyone does for a career. What is your career and is it what you dreamt of being when you were growing up?

I am lurking here day and night to earn points! :rofl:
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I work as a business analyst for The state of WV testing/developing (not coding) software. I thought I would do something in math or science. So go figure. Love any tech.

That’s like me. Originally was going into culinary arts, got accepted into Le Cordon Bleu and the International Culinary Center in NYC, realized my life would revolve around working late and most likely killing what I enjoyed doing, switched majors to Computer Science, and now I am a desk jockey for a company that was acquired by one of the largest IT companies in the world. It was a rollercoaster of a time in my 20’s lol

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I work at The Home Depot on the overnight freight team, but I have my degree in IT Networking, a few computer certificates. I was first responder certified, although I let my license expire and did not renew it. I am also Marina Management certified. I had my Captain’s license for Boating as well, but that too I let expire without recertification. I work on cars as well.

I have done a lot and still not sure where I will end up doing as I love most things I have done. Let’s see what the future holds

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IT here, I work for a large international company at this time. I’ve worked for a few companies over the many years now but so far always in IT.

Tech is more fun when it’s not your job I think though. I still like it but it’s not as fun as when it’s just a hobby!

This is why I have my degree in it, but do not do this as my regular job. I loved it as a hobby, but once I got into working it i started to hate it. So i stopped doing it as a job and just dabble in it as I please

Same here. I decide on Accounting. Then decide on Math education until I could decide on anything different then graduated but at times those jobs were limited. Did CPS for 6 yrs then my current job. If I knew then what I know now, I may have went for engineering or computers

I used to teach music on the weekends, but I had to quit. I still occasionally perform (as a volunteer).

I am a senior estimator at an architectural millwork company. Been at the firm for 20 years love my job

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Higher ed instructional design, lms administrator, av installation and maintenance, video production, and workforce dev consultant on the side.

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Full time anker enthusiast. Seriously though, I do professional landscaping.


Another Higher Ed member here… Data Analyst, Institutional Research.

Worked as a civil servant when I lived in Northern Ireland. Thought I had escaped it when I moved to England but alas I’m back to being a civil servant :pensive:

Would love to win lottery and just dabble in many fields, from building computers to building go-carts with bike engines :joy:

My problem is that I don’t know what else I could do that would pay anywhere near the same so I’m stuck for now. Don’t hate it (most days anyway) but the specific role I’m in now is not my ideal fit. My last job was more ideal but the pay was not great, not the reverse is true, jobs not ideal but the pay makes me tolerate it!

I work in IT as well, but I both enjoy it as a job and as a hobby! Well, except those days when every thing that could possibly go wrong does go wrong… either at work or at home. :joy:

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Yea pay sucks but I enjoy what I do. I grew up with not a lot of money so I’m ok with what I make now even though I could make a lot more.

Me too, I love my job. I dont have a set schedule, unlimited vacation days, paid benefits for my entire family for health/dental/vision, wear what I want, and love my co workers.

Communications has been my favorite subject since childhood, and chose the field for my engineering and now for profession.

I work in IT Engineering, as Voice / UC Architect, mostly with Cisco, Microsoft and Avaya technologies, and more towards Cloud now, it’s interesting as things change very rapidly in the industry, plus glad that my company allows remote / telecommute options giving flexible.work options, so tend to work as and when I need to complete tasks…

It is more like I get paid for my hobby!

I work in the Tax Department/Finance at Qualcomm Inc, as well as actively promote Anker products at work!