What Equalizer do you prefer Soundcore App?

So I was board once again and thought of something to ask you all. :smile:

Question One: What Equalizer do you almost always use?

Question Two: do you use Hear ID, and dose it improve your experience?

Question Three: Do you prefer Soundcore’s app or a custom Equalizer?

I’m going to bed hope to hear interesting posts by the time I wake up.

I use the app custom eq recently released. Before that I used the piano preset.

I did try hear ID but didn’t like the result.

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Prefer to listen flat / with no equalizer so I can see how the device holds without tweaks. On the few occasions I’ve needed to use one, it’s normally been the one of the app playing the music :raised_hands:

As for Hear ID, I gave it a shot the first time I got the L2P & L2 out of the box…but personally didn’t find any benefit…could still hear each tone all the way through the test :slight_smile:

Abit marketing gimmickry I’d say.

I just use the custom EQ in the app

Well I do like using the Apps custom EQ options, But sometimes perfer a custom EQ that I can tweak personally to my likings.

Acoustic sounded way better to me than any of the other presets.

I love that one the most also it’s amazing.