What features do you want on soundcore products?

I know the title sounds tacky, but I have some suggestions and ideas that I really want on soundcore speakers, and I frankly don’t know why they don’t exist yet (for soundcore anyway)

  1. APTX HD. (Different from regular aptX)

  2. Better bass. I know that most soundcore products have “bassup” but I think most of us can agree this is more of a marketing scheme than actual functionality. No soundcore product as the same type of deep beautiful bass that you get on higher end brands.

  3. Full waterproof, and floating. By this a mean a speaker that can actually float in the pool (or lake) and still play music regularly. It would need some sort of “boat” on the bottom to keep the speakers out of water.

  4. Earbuds pass through. Soundcore might have 1-2 products with this (can’t remember) but most of there earbuds/headsets really should have them. It’s a very useful feature

  5. Wireless charging. This would mainly be for true wireless earbuds.

Does anybody else have any suggestions for soundcore products?


This was kinda asked in This thread about wireless earbuds. And what we like/dislike and how it can be improved

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Wait, where did that come from?! I never got it in the new topics thread.!??

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One of you can remove this now that I moved the suggestions over!

How did you obtain that information?

Snap, I just realized I misread a post from ankerofficial on the anker community. My bad. I’m gonna need go start reading more thoroughly :sob:


Those are some good ones… if not wireless, definitely USB C across the board.

Actually, there is at least a slight chance the earbuds announced on September 26 will support wireless charging!

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