What if Anker/Soundcore made a Portable Record Player?

With the quality that Anker & Soundcore bring together, what if they made a Portable Record Player that played all your vinyl records at the best audio possible with long battery life with Bluetooth detachable speakers (or support for other audio devices)

Would you snap it up or do you think that there isn’t a market for one? How much would you be willing to pay for one too?

There are a few modern portable record players, but they lack quality at a reasonable price

What do you think?

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I feel like the market for this would be VERY small. Vinyl records are basically intrinsically non portable. The better sound some people are searching for when using them requires good stability in the player, and a well set up audio environment - once you are moving it around and in poor audio environments, might as well just play music from your phone.

There is no need for such a product.
Doesn’t make sense to have a portable.
I don’t think that someone likes to carry around the player and a pile of records.

I wouldn’t mind having a good portable recorder player. I lost my of albums when the family burned years ago but I do have 20 or 30 jazz and blues albums that would sound good on a record player.

As awesome of a product that it would probably be, I agree with others that say I don’t have a need for it. I’m sure it would look good and function fantastically, but I don’t take my albums on the road… I just leave them at home.

This might be an idea for a Kickstarter to judge interest among general public. Imwould be more tempted to buy from Anker/Soundcore than another make and with their expertise in power, audio, & wireless technology it would be great

It’s a very niche market these days, but I agree if they were to do it going down the Kickstarter route would be a great way of gauging interest.

But do you think that all the music of today will be offered in vinyl?
So who would use it?
Its a niche, you said.
And portable?
All like small and leight weighted things.

Whilst this might be a niche market, there are still record shops that make a living selling LPs and there are still artists making vinyl records for those interested.

The whole idea of having Anker/Soundcore making a Record Player portable is that their business is mostly built on the portable, mobile devices.

Poo-pooing and idea doesn’t make it less of an idea worth investigating.

There are a wide range of Vinyl Records available from Amazon (and other suppliers both online and in music stores) which feature both older and newer releases.

Listing of current and future releases on Vinyl from Amazon (Uk) -
Amazon UK

Yes there are many records, could be found at the flea markets as well.
But this will remain a “niche”.

I have a lot of those, but I must confess I do not play those often.
From time to time I check my old stereo and I am still enthusiastic with it.
But I would never use such a movable turn tabie.
What kind of pick up would you aspect installed there?

I must admit I can’t remember the last time I walked into a music shop. After using iTunes/Spotify for many years now I’ve had no need to go in.

Therefore I have no idea of how much recent music is produced on vinyl :man_shrugging:t2:

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I remember when I was in amazon.de there was a portable record player. One or two weeks ago. Now I wasn’t looking for that but it was some kind of weird thing to me, therefore I’m remember it.