What instrument do you like?

I like the piano.
The piano is quite versatile, can be played in all genres.

There are composers who had been able to write pieces
which gives you the imagine it is a whole orchestra.

We were talking a little bit about swing.
But don’t let us forget Jazz and the part of the piano in this genre.

My favorite instrument to listen to is the harp. My favorite to perform is voice.

I love listening to the piano, I learned to play the trumpet because of swing music, I also love the harmonica because if it as well.

I gave you more examples of classical harp concerts.
Do you know others to be listened too?

One of our friends here plays jaw harp.
And there are really concerts composed for this instrument.
Haven’t know this.

I like violin. More versatile then piano :wink:

My favourites to listen to would have to be guitar and drums…could quite easily fill the a few hours listening to Hank Marvin & The Shadows :wink:

But when starting learning violine its pure brutality.
“1/4 note wrong”. There is a “f” but the beginner plays something which is "nearly a “f”.
I remember in my childhood a neighbour’s girl learning the violine.
I had to escape. :grinning:

Eh, violins easy. People who say otherwise are not applying themselves

Whow Neil.

I am playing now. My youth! :+1:

If you like “The shadows”

Look this one:


Not possible as far I see. :thinking:

So go for “Spotnicks Amapola”

Stop arguing with everyone jeesh, we are all entitled to have our thoughts and opinions

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We call those specialists “Besserwisser” (Know it all) :wink:

Andrew, create a soundtrack of your violin arts.
You might resolve our doubts doing so,.

But dont copy from a skilled player! :rofl:

I think there’s something special about Spanish guitar. The sound, the skill. To play with real soul, is a gift.

You should listen to the “Guitarra Portuguesa”


I have a friend who’s really good at classical guitar. He’s won national contests and stuff. It’s super cool to watch him play.

You could join him building a pair!

Guitar and violine! :joy:

We’ve done it, but I’m not as good as him.

I don’t think there is anything better than a virtuoso on classical guitar.

Beside this very special “guitarra portuguesa” I mentioned,
(find examples at YT -> Fado) the spanish flamenco guitar is very special.

I almost forgot, my favourite guitarist:
Mark Knopfler (Dire Straigts).
Old man now, like me. :rofl:
I love his guitar playing since many many years.