What is dolby atmos

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It sounds like another standard that will be only intermittently supported by the actual files we have. So many sources still don’t actually provide 7.1 sound, that you have to look for content that can actually take advantage of that, and it has been around for years.

That is :100: true :ok_hand: I rarely play anything tht is Dolby Atmos quality on Infini Pro.
It does good job playing other files and a perfect match for my TV as well :+1:

I do have a Dolby Atmos enabled Home Sound System (Non-Soundcore) and there are very very few titles or streaming services which provide the source… Vudu and Netflix are some of these…

Our infini has been relegated to a nice and loud bluetooth speaker for the kitchen. It does well for music, podcasts and audiobooks, without the extra expectations of sounding perfect across a wide range of TV sounds.

I’ll look for atmos in a few years when it is more widespread.