What is loudest soundcore speaker?

What is loudest soundcore speaker?

The RAVE! Take a look at the specs


I think @Chiquinho is right on this one

I just turned down a chance to test (but give back) a JBL spkr, that’s “portable” and 160w.

As with the rave, apart from a chance to pee off my extremely noisy upstairs neighbour, I have no use for it.

I think anyone doing busking would find it very useful tho, or even children’s House parties, but for average day2day use, not sure‽

:sob: I would have loved that

I think most would’ve.

Only thing I don’t like, is giving it back after 4 weeks or a chance to buy vastly reduced (at least 50% discount).

Music is not noise!
We old buddies know this!

Enjoy the Sunday Mac!

All the best


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Oh easily the rave. Though my paired icons did over power a politicak rally on the rocky steps last week :slight_smile:

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Now imagine if you had 2 raves paired together pumping the rocky theme, that would have been epicaly monumental

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