What is the craziest food concoction you have made that turned out to be amazing

As the title states, what is the craziest food concoction you have made? But it turned out amazing.

As I mentioned in another thread I made hot dogs wrapped in ground bacon/beef and then wrapped in bacon. I also had some with cheese inside and it was amazing…heart attack for some but good for others



Seems to be inspired by all the bacon discussion :smile:

Lol. The weirdest thing I can think of (but it’s honestly not that weird)- I took those canned biscuits, and cut them in quarters. Then I stuffed them with cheese and bacon and cooked em in the oven.

It was pretty amazing.

I had prepared chicken fried rice… and in the process added a little too much chillies… was too hot to eat… sorry no photos :anguished:

Hey, bacon is amazing. Don’t disrespect

First time I ever tried to make alfredo sauce and stuffed shells, turned out better than it looks

These are another batch of heart attack dogs, named by my wife since this one is a hot dog wrapped in bacon that’s been deep fried, wrapped in cheese with ground beef and bacon mix and then wrapped in more bacon

:open_mouth:. They look like potatoes

Mine would have to go to a sandwich I have been making for a couple of years now:

Start off with a good size focaccia bread (any flavor but I usually go with a rosemary and onion one) and slice it horizontally all the way across.

Next make a garlic aioli (mine is a tsp of salt, 1 egg white, a little bit of lemon juice, half cup of olive oil, 2 cloves of garlic pressed, and about 12 drops of yellow mustard)

Render down some bacon (the thicker cut the better) until desired crunch. Take excess bacon fat (2 tbsp) and add to aioli.

Take prepared chicken breast ( I pick mine up from a local market already prepared/breaded, but you can make whatever kind you like) and slice into 1 inch x 1/2 inch pieces

Take focaccia and add aioli to both sides, place into oven and cook on low broil until browned.

Slice granny smith apple, smoked gouda, dried cranberries and add on top of chicken. Add bacon and close. Eat like this or add to a panini press.

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Am I missing something here?

Those hot dogs you made look amazing! I think mine was probably a burger. When was almost done cooking the patty I topped it with spinach and then put some sliced swiss cheese on it that melted around it, holding the spinach to the patty. I thought it was awesome.

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Nah. I just love bacon.

I think I’m gonna make this tomorrow, I need to go food shopping anyway s ok why the heck not

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The older I get, the more I love spinach. Give me a white pie any day with just a drizzle of olive oil, some spinach, fresh mozzarella and some carmelized onions and I can sleep happy.

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I think I’m going to try it the next time I get a chance.

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I think spinach is awesome, it is one of the foods I experiment the most with.


Spinach/artichoke and cheese dip is the best… all this talk about bacon is making me wonder if I should add some bacon to the dip?

I wouldn’t see why not. Worst case you can always use some “saved” fat from the last time you cooked some bacon to it, or make a quick béchamel with some rendered fat added. One solid fat I have been using a lot lately (and I truly mean more than I should) is duck fat. It literally is the ‘crack’ of fats for cooking. You can buy it on Amazon or whole foods and pretty much any other place nowadays and it adds some crazy flavor to just about everything.

Never tried duck fat. I’ve cooked with bacon, other pork product, chicken, and beef product fats. Never thought to try a store bought fat :thinking:.

The benefit for using fat for me, is it Allows you to cook meat on higher temperatures, since it won’t burn or smoke like butter or oil. The flavor is just a plus

Duck fat fries are what turned me on to it the first time and then I started to find more and more things to put it in. Buddy has a sous vide and we tried it with a hanger steak for s&g’s and it added some rosemary and it somehow turned out amazing.

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Chicken wings fried in duck fat sounds good :yum:

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