What is this creature that hitched a ride with me to work today?

Good picture, I normally only hear those and don’t see them. Loud as can be…

Exactly this, we get them, walking sticks and praying mantis over by me fairly often. Nothing like walking outside, getting in your car and seeing a mantis just staring you down.

This was a couple of weeks back

I usually only see spiders crawling on my car while I’m driving… usually on the inside. :rage:

Nothing like swinging wildly at a car spider while stuck in bumper to bumper, or better yet at freeway speeds.

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Update: The Katydid waited 8 hours and survived 70 mph winds to ride back home with me.

And there was another photoshoot.

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But now it needs a name

Gorgeous photos. Wish my phone did that!

What phone do you have? Most phones within the last 5 years can take photos that good, it’s more about having the skill/talent

Some of us (me) lack these amazing photography skills :joy:

Seems we are focusing on insects now.

I will look for my “cucaracha”, named Gertrude and take a photo of here.
Wants to get famous too! :grinning:

Lol, he or she just wanted a day out :slightly_smiling_face:

They are known to latch onto cars and go for joyride. I had one on my car that endured and u disclosed tripple digit speed shhhhh, dont tell anyone. This is what made me look up what they were because I was impressed that it held on. But heck I wish it didnt because those buggers are louder than crickets

I’ll have to defer to the entomologist on this one @Tank

That’s definitely a Male, female have a stinger or sword shaped tip at the end of the abdomen.

Yeah they are so loud!

Ha I knew you had the answer

Yeah I know. Any ideas?

I have a Galaxy S8. I’ve always heard they take poor photos in relation to Pixel and iPhones.

Clayton would be my first choice, but that’s just me lol

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Looks.like a locust to me