What is this creature that hitched a ride with me to work today?

Yeah they are so loud!

Ha I knew you had the answer

Yeah I know. Any ideas?

I have a Galaxy S8. I’ve always heard they take poor photos in relation to Pixel and iPhones.

Clayton would be my first choice, but that’s just me lol

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Looks.like a locust to me

Locust is a grasshopper, no way does this look like that

The Pixel was the first phone that I truly appreciated mobile photos, so much better than anything I had seen from Samsung at the time.

Great, we can talk about little bit of everything here … so nice to see a group of people sharing their views and experiences…

We can talk about everything.
We would run short of themes only talking about volts, watt and these famous “Experience points”
(How to achieve those fast! :thinking:)

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I have never seen one of these before!

Completely agree with you Frank @Chiquinho :bowing_man:

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Give me a “z” Franz! :grinning:

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Oops, my hands took control of my mind here … lol
Sorry Franz.:wink:

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“Franz” is much more a typical, meanwhile rare bavarian, austrian name than" Frank" is! :joy:

I hadn’t either. But apparently they are super loud!

Frank is a nice name…

I actually saw one the other day. I guess I hadn’t been looking until I saw this post!