What is your favourite band?

May be this was asked before.
But meanwhile we know each other so much better.
So we can do this questioning again.

Normally I would answer The Beatles.
But no!
What do you think?
Pink Floyd!
That’s what Steve would go for. :grin:
And he is right.

Me : Dire Straits,
And not the best known hit I would like to present
All know this great song :

Great performance.
Absolutely fantastic.

But here is another one I like more :

Listen to the lyrics!

Give us some more suggestion.

Duane needs some good music to warm up his house!
Take care my friend and keep all important parts warm! :rofl:


You know me well. I really like Pink Floyd, but I also like Led Zeppelin quite a bit.

So many good bands from back then.


Led Zeppelin OK.
This one!!!

I know you would chose Pink Floyd. :grinning:
And there is really nothing too say against it.


A lot of people think of Led Zeppelin as just a Hard Rock band, but they had some good Acoustic tunes as well. Here’s a few of my favorites:


Didnt know those.
Thank you for presenting.
Thats so good to learn this way. :grinning:
Same is this one: (Mark Knopfler can play country perfectly)

So great.
Really “American”! :laughing:

I do love it so much!

This one is dedicated to our friend @Duane_Lester

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My favourite band is Big Country (the original line up from the 80s and 90s).

I saw them live countless times while Stuart Adamson was still alive, and have never enjoyed concerts more than when they played.

I preferred their earlier music to the later stuff, but it was all good in my opinion. Below is a selection of some of my favourite tracks…

The Storm (live)

Porrohman (live)

The Seer • Big Country with Kate Bush

The Tracks of my Tears (live)


World’s greatest rock band - Maiden.

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Dire Straits is a band whose recordings I’ve been listening to a lot lately. It’s hard to choose the best recording, because they have a lot of famous hits, for example:


I like this too.
There is a lot of power in that song.
That’s real good, exceptional music!

But : “COME ON”!!

Give us here another idea!
Another band/song!


OK, you asked for it. Another band I love is:
Ladies and Gentlemen, from Los Angeles, California…The Doors


While I’m at it, I"d be remiss if I didn’t mention the Rolling Stones as one of the All-Time Greatest R&R Bands.


Claro the Doors.

Seems we are onl a few ones here got ideas.
Oldies but more than goodies.
Hope the young ones here like!
But I m sure they do!

BTW We were dreaming of such a wall of amps!


:thinking: I will try to surprise you :slightly_smiling_face:.

I listened to it as a child and still remember it. The most dramatic and emotional song I’ve ever heard. 2 versions because I can’t decide which one is better:


I know this song of course.
Good idea to present it here.

I know another one which needs to be presented again :

Funny the drummer, but he is not such an “artist” :laughing:

And take a look at some “well dressed” dancers! Great! :rofl:


@Chiquinho I know this song, but not the video.
The drummer is excellent :joy: I wonder where @Steve976 would place him in the ranking of the best drummers :joy:. Kidding.
Men dancing is great too - great movie :slightly_smiling_face:.


Foo Fighters. I personally think they were instrumental in saving rock music for the masses.


Some really perfectly dressed (Suit and tie) :grin:
I never was such a perfect dancer and I had no suit and tie.
Never got a chance to “dance” : had to be on the stage in those old days.

Been thinking about this for some time, and really couldn’t come up with a single band that is / was my fav…
However. I did really enjoy listening to Garbage, and I think that may have had impact on my other favs… avril lavigne, machine gun Kelly, billy talent and green day (to name a few)…

Some recordings of each… :wink:

Soooo many more… lol just a few to listen to, oldies and new ones.


Well no Greatest Band collection would be complete without a mention of The Who:


No paricular band from me. I like so many bands that it’s just imposibke to select one.