What is your go-to song for testing?

I know we’ve talked a lot about different headphones and what you like and don’t like compared to others that you’ve used. But what song (or sound file) do you use to test the full range of your speakers, headphones, and earbuds?

Rediohead’s, The National Anthem has always been a go to song of mine to test any speaker or headphones. It has a huge variety of sounds to listen and see what you can hear… making sure you don’t loose the low or the highs when one trys to overpower the other.


Normally use several (well actually around 20 over different genres) but my main ones are;

  • Hotel California by The Eagles (24bit Studio sessions version & Hell Freezes Over Live)
  • Who Wants To Live Forever by Queen
  • La Mamma Morta by Maria Callas
  • Sundown by Gordon Lightfoot
  • Just Breathe by Pearl Jam
  • Axel F / Adrianos (Beverly Hills Cop 1 & 2) by Harold Faltermeyer


Okay maybe not…

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I actually recently changed the songs in use to test headphones and earbuds out.
With this one being for overall sound across all frequencies

Then for bass it’s Brass Monkey by beastie boys.

For testing Vocals it’s Bohemian Rhapsody


When I test headsets or earbuds I don’t necessarily go to specific songs, but I just listen to a ton of music for like 8hrs.

You see, I feel if you use one (or even a dozen) songs will limit your ears to those exact songs. By listening to a ton of a music you get a much more broad sense of the headset.

I have a playlist that’s about 8hrs long, so I usually listen to the whole thing. This allows me to hear the exact same thing for each headset I test, but still have a ton of variety.

Just the way I like to do it, but there’s nothing wrong with the way everyone else does it.

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I like listening to a ton of songs too, but when I used to work for a company and we had certain speakers that needed testing, we had a script of several songs that emphasized the lows, mids, and highs. Since we had heard the music multiple times in multiple environments, we could immediately tell if something was off while onsite for maintenance or for testing new builds.

I’m going to listen to a ton of songs before I do any type of review, but I thought it would be interesting to incorporate some other songs from you guys that I normally wouldn’t listen to! :+1:t2:

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Die Moldau by Smetana, about a river. It starts with the merest trickle (flutes), and gradually builds up to a stormy torrent.

It’s very hard to get the low bass right. And the light high flutes and wind instruments and everything in between.

I test similar as @TechMan, I do not try any specific songs but a bunch of different things. I have tried to use some music, some apps, some movies as well, some internet radio.

In order to test headsets, you must become one with the headset. :wink: :laughing:


I’m the same way. I listen to my playlist for 8 to 10 hours and it has about 1000 tracts on it has most of the major genres. I do generally pick heavy base songs to test the base and then use other genres to test the mids, lows, and mids, lows, and highs at the same time.


Is what is use

Audiophiles Reveal the Best Songs to Test Speakers. Article

Surprise! Interesting site.

Been testing my Liberty 2 Pros with these songs tonight.

Dont blow it - Cliff Martinez
Never - The Roots
Wet and Rustling - Menomena
Dancers - Plaid
Nude - Radiohead
Spitfire - Porter Robinson
Utopia Overture - Cristobal Tapia de Veer

How do they sound?

Very good, sound stage is very impressive for in ears, and nice detail and clarity between the treble mids and bass, I’m really enjoying how they sound.

I do have the slight hiss in the background, as discussed in other threads, but I’m waiting for clarity on what the fix does, hope it doesn’t negatively impact the sound in other ways. For me it’s only noticable in the background of very quiet passages.

Talk show host by Radiohead

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