What Is your home Stereo setup?

As the title states what is everyones home stereo setup? what does it consist of? How many speakers do you run? Anyone have any pictures of their setup they would like to share?

I will start with my setup, I have an old school Sony receiver that puts out 1000w to 7 speakers…I had to change speakers over the years as they got old and worn out. The receiver was an audio video joint, but the video part no longer works so its delegated to garage duties for when im working on the car. In my bedroom I have a Pair of high end Polk Legend L200 speakers…look them up, i had them powered by a Denon PMA-150H receiver but I ended up selling that last week since I needed the money. The speakers are currently being powered by Pyle wireless receiver thats also ancient, its not pretty but it works.

Haven’t we had such a thread recently?
We were talking about Stereo equipments there, as far I remember.

Believe it was yours :grin:

Well dang, I guess I need to actually sleep some instead of thinking about stereos and posting on here.

I mean ya can still add to the thread and post some pictures