What is your opinion on refurbished items?

Sales of refurbished items are regular on Amazon.
Usually those are heavily discounted comparing with the new items. So what do you think about refurbished Soundcore items?

  • I never brought and will not buy in future
  • I never brought but will try to buy
  • I did brouht and happy about it
  • I did brought and disappointed

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Refurbished can be a hit or miss. In my experience mostly a miss. Not all refurbishers do a good job of making sure the product is restored to a working condition.


We used to get refurb desktop macs, back when windows was pretty awful and there were no low price / low end options. Done pretty well with those - but a good warranty, and no battery means you can see how well it will work quickly.

Routers are fine too - it often just means a chip replaced, or a firmware flashed.

I’m skeptical of disposable electronics - really, anything where an inaccessible battery is a big piece. I treat it like used, which is fine sometimes.


Depends on if in a hurry.

The discounts on refurbished units is about the same as the discounts on new, but they don’t occur at the same time. If you’re patient, a new unit is the similar price to refurbished.

I’d not want a refurbished unit with a battery, the unit has been through more stress and may also be older. So that eliminates nearly all Soundcore products for me.

I used to be team refurbished for things I couldn’t afford but as of late the current market has made it harder for lots of consumer tech to be sold and be trustworthy refurbished some areas still seem safe but headphones are just a no go for me

Depends on who refurbished it. If it’s a tech product and manufacturer-refurbished, I’ll go for it.

I’ve never bought or considered a refurbished item, thinking of it, I wonder if the refurbished item comes with a full warranty like the new ones if it is still sold by the official dealer?

It all depends what it is and how much of a discount there is. I’ve bought a few things and had good luck. I only did it because it was low risk and a good discount. I wouldn’t buy something with a lot of moving parts or something that counted on an internal, non user replaceable battery. The funny thing is I’ve seen refurbs on Amazon that a short time later were the same price new somewhere else. To sum it up - “It all depends”. :grin:

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I never have unsure if I will in the future. I guess it depends on what product it even is . Good luck

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Purchased several items on Amazon from the warehouse/refurbished section over the past few months each listed as cosmetic damage on the item itself and with a nice price drop, all looked brand new when received (outside of torn boxes).

Have drawn the line at certain products, such as earbuds / headsets from a hygiene standpoint.

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I buy refurbished items. But it all depends on what it is and what the return policy is.

The last item I purchased (last month) was a Grace Mondo Classic digital radio. It was manufacture refurbished, from Amazon. The cardboard box was the only thing that looked like it was 2nd hand and it was 9.5 condition.
As For EVERYTHING else… it was perfect a perfect 10, There was no way to tell it was refurbished.

As for Amazon warehouse deals (returned items) I buy them all the time, and 90% of the time I am very happy with them.

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Some things can be bought, and when they are not working properly, they can be sent back quickly.