What is your preferred Bluetooth codec?

So I’m curious. What is the best Bluetooth codec for everyone? Which one best suits your needs? Which do you look for when buying a Bluetooth headset, or speaker?

  • SBC
  • aptX
  • aptX HD
  • AAC
  • LDAC
  • what the… what is a BT codec?
  • who cares?

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I think soundcore should really start branching out, and supporting more BT codec on different speakers and such.

I’d love to hear all of your thoughts below!

Personally I’m fine with either SBC or ACC for my on the go music as I’m using an iPhone 7…if I’m shopping for some new BT buds or a speaker I would tend to lean towards aptx or aptxHD models if the price was nominal between those and standard ones…

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Depends on the bt card you use.
Old ones will not support aptx ore aptxHD

This is exactly it. Depending on what your devices support, is what you base what BT codec you need in your speakers.

Also, if you use low quality MP3’s, you have no need for a high quality BT codec

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If you use an iPhone 7, it doesn’t support aptX or aptX HD. Sadly no iPhone support it yet. The newer macs do though

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Personally I dont care about the codec, sure some are better than others but when listening with our phones it doesnt matter. If I’m listening from a computer I’ll take AptxHd

Yes I know but my other devices do :wink:

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I mean, if you have a phone that uses aptX HD (are there any yet?) and you have high quality MP3’s on it, a speaker that supports aptX HD would probably sound better. But at the same time I somewhat agree with you.

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Give me a tube amplifier and some high end cans and I’ll listen to music all day long

But the ears want hear the difference. :laughing:
Mine not at all!

My S10E only supports these…no aptxhd

If I would like to use aptX or aptX HD unter LINUX
I have to install those codecs from a repository.
Tricky of course and I am not sure if it will work with that Intel card in the old LENOVO, so far.

If you take a look at the output curves of mp3 may be with audacity, you see it is absolutely compressed (cutting basses and heights)
Same is with CD.

True sound :
Take an old Vinyl record and play it with excellent speakers and an old amplifier using tubes.
I know you all think now I am going crazy, but this is what really audiophiles do. :grinning:

That’s what I thought. I wish iOS at least supported aptX…

I’m sure in a few years time, they’ll go… Look we got aptx, just as all other major brands drop it! lol

My S10 supports quite a few, but I have it down to auto/all whatever it is. I’ve noticed quite a few newer speakers/headphones aren’t using aptx. Some have complained to the said companies about it, but there’s obvs a good reason it’s getting dropped.

Maybe it’s too thirsty for battery or something???

Since you have to license it from aptX, it cost them quite a bit of money…

AAC is an excellent codec. When using studio monitors with AAC at 256kbps and above the audio is almost indistinguishable from the source. SBC at 320kbps is the equivalent of mp3 at 256kbps. Thats ok but not great, considering the fact that mp3 needs to be encoded to at least 256kbps to sound reasonable (especially for rock music). AAC at 256kbps is the equivalent of mp3 at 320 kbps.

LDAC, APTX HD & APTX. Just for the quality (never used AAC before, Android fanboy over here)