What kind of stereo are you using beside our soundcore speaker?

As far I know there are many audiophile friends gathered here.
Beside using the soundcore bt speakers,
I am sure there is other HIFI equipment!

I my private little office here at home I use a little SONY stereo
to listen do DAB+ Radio.

I our living I got my old (I bought this 45 years ago) stunning stereo.

Amplifier/Receiver : AKAI,
Tape : REVOX,
Turntable : THORENS
Speakers : BRAUN

There was NEVER any problem with this equipment.
This high quality is quite out of reach today :smiley:

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I’m a big fan of Sonos speakers and the fact that they’re always on and ready to play!

Not the cheapest ones. :wink:
Never came in touch with those.

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I have a 140W pioneer receiver running to 2 180W jvc’s, and 2 100W sharps. I would like to get a better receiver because it is always better to have more power than you need, but I can’t right now. I normally only run it at 10 to 30% volume though, so the 140W is plenty for me.

Bose soundlink mini is a goodie

Thats a simple bluetooth, such one we have here a lot!

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I was running these Bower and Wilkins Formation Duo Speakers for a while, I beta tested them and would have loved to keep them. But at 4 grand for the pair, there was no way the company was letting testers have them.

I currently use a 1000w Sony surround sound system form like 2002. It works still, but I have had to replace the speakers over the years because they either get blown or just flat out stop working. I would love to update it, but other priorities take precedence. Oh yea, I do have my turntable hooked up to the receiver as well so I can crank it up as needed.

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  • Bose Soundlink Color
  • Bose Soundlink mini II
  • Lenovo Smart Display

If I am feeling like the house needs to rattle a little when no one is home, I fire up the Sony HTX9000F soundbar

I got such a Bose soundlink mini II
not better than the Soundcore Motion+
but smaller and light weighted.

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I had a nice home theater system. It was custom system but that was over 10 years ago and got rid of the system when I moved.

Now I have a budget friendly soundbar and sub woofer setup and a creative labs 5.1 setup in the office. That one will be updated with a Bose system at some point.

Out in the barn I have an old Pioneer 5.1 system that will be installed once I run power to it.

We are building a new 30ft by 25ft shop/garage/gym and that one will have a high end entertainment center installed. Once I have the building built I will design that system.

I have an onkyo system inherited from my grandfather. It works pretty well. Old hardware will last a surprisingly long time - very large and not as energy efficient as would be ideal, but keeps ticking along.

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That’s true!
Looking at ME I can confirm.:laughing:


I wish I still had my old Onkyo system, but when I moved I had put it into storage. When I came back I found half of my stuff destroyed due to the storage facility getting flooded. My stereo included. I mean they did compensate me for damages, but nothing could replace that onkyo receiver as it was a relic that kept on working.


I hit like, but that is an awful story :cry: Having a system that just works is a big deal. On the other hand, it doesn’t connect with all the modern stuff quite as simply as I would like. So there are upsides to modernizing.

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At least my parents still had the system I’m using now. So not all was lost, they have it back to me after we found my storage had got flooded.

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Seems you living in a region where always something happens. :wink:
Floods, storms.
I would never get used to this.

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Why connect to modern stuff.
So beautiful!
No software, no troubles! :joy:

Leave it as it is and enjoy it.
Could be passed to your kids.

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Only other speaker setup I have currently outside of Soundcore’s would be the one’s built into my turntable…not best but also not the worst :raised_hands:

Well the storage facility was in Connecticut, it wasnt flooded because of a storm. One of the sprinkler heads went bad and the system went off on everyones stuff. My storage was on the first floor and all the water from 3 floors all came down and pretty much pooled and flooded the first.

Storms or not, I love where I live.

Got a Thorens TD 160 MK2 (Made 1972-1975)
Ortofon system
Phantastic Turntable.


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