What music would make you LoL if played outside?

I’ve had enough of folks around where I live spending too much time being angry and depressed, spending their time staring at their phones - so I’ve decided to play music on a speaker when out on my bike simply to make people laugh.

I’ve got my Neil Diamond (pa pa pa) and just now got some Sinatra - what would make you laugh if you heard it on bike passing by?

Nothing with swearing or evil threat of damage. Which eliminates half much of current “music”.

Example of happy music.

I have an Icon Mini not being used (much) so it’s on my bike bag now… if you hear a crazy foot-tapping sound on a road near you…

I am riding a bike around places to find my next home to buy, a roughly 100 square miles area. A bike is a good way to get around as you often stop to chat with people.


You surprised me completely. :smiley: Fantastic thread and fantastic idea.
I know Bobby and his big hit very well. I would play all people (and myself too) this :slightly_smiling_face::


There is always Pharrell Williams “Happy” pretty obvious and can sometimes have mixed reviews since it was over played at first when it came out

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I bet you can get a few people to dance if you play the chicken dance song.

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I always use to laugh when I heard this song. Bonus points for post Chuck Berry.


Ok so playlist for happy cyclists passing by

  • best of Neil Diamond (pa pa pa)
  • best of Frank Sinatra
  • Chicken Song
  • Smile Be Happy
  • Happy
  • Things can only get Better
  • What a wonderful world
  • My Ding-a-Ling

If I’m arrested then I’ll blame Soundcore :wink:


I’m not sure if this is what you had in mind, but The J Geils Band always had people dancing in the aisles.

Foot tapping?

Fun idea, and this would make me laugh almost to the point of falling over… (keeping it clean… OG version is better no doubt…)


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@TheSnarkyOne A great recording gives a lot of positive energy :clap: .

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