What products do you want to see in the future?

With audio technology becoming an ever growing market with new products coming out weekly, what product do you hope to see Soundcore release in the future?

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Wouldn’t mind seeing a touchscreen media player come to market, with a good UI and hardware to backup many of their current and upcoming Hi-Res speakers…so you can playback some serious Hi-Res audio without the need for for additional hardware between your device and end speaker :slightly_smiling_face:

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Just saw this thread, Looking for Soundcore to implement a true Bluetooth Hub , which acts as a BT transmitter to connect to more than 4, 8 or 16 simultaneously, which helps connect multiple speakers to form a cluster of speakers, posted earlier for suggestions

Being able to stereo mode with any Soundcore product, not just like for like… Software n (maybe) a switch (SLAVE)

CURRENTLY if I had one speaker, I can only stereo on the same speaker. So even if I had rave n rave mini, I couldn’t combine them other than twin mode on my phone (pie allows for dual sound mode, which will play to 2 devices).

Like I currently have a boost n Soundcore 2, but I can’t stereo them.

Would love ear pods that could almost act as sound amplifiers (not true hearing aids) but better than “almost there” ambient/listen through modes.

A subwoofer to go with infini series.

a bunch of usb C items especially headphones and speakers


@soundcore Would you consider making a line of high quality microphones for filming and recording?

A more premium version of the Soundcore Space NC; I like the idea but I just wish the NC was a bit better.