What’s in the #SoundcoreCares VIP Pack?

Who’s excited for the Soundcore Cares livestream concert? In addition to the awesome musical acts performing, we’ve put together an unmissable VIP ticket pack :tickets: that comes with some exciting and very exclusive treats. Let’s check it out:

Livestream Pass + After Party Hang Out
In addition to the livestream pass which allows you to watch all 7 artists perform live, you’ll also get a VIP exclusive pass to get you into the backstage after party. At the end of the livestream, each of the artists will be live in a chatroom where you’ll be able to ask them all your burning questions. Want to know what the members of Halestorm eat for breakfast? Or what Foxes thinks is the best movie of all time? Well, now’s your chance!

Liberty Air 2 Pro MusiCares Edition
Unless you’ve been living under a rock with no internet connection, you’ll know by now that we’ve used MusiCares’ official red color to create a limited run of Liberty Air 2 Pro true wireless earbuds just for this event. And we’ve also designed an exclusive #SoundcoreCares sticker set to decorate your laptop/phone/journal/anywhere you can imagine with.

Digital Wallpaper
You’ll receive a digital wallpaper created exclusively for the concert so you can personalize your devices and get hyped. You could even print it out and hang it on your wall :raised_hands:

Who’s planning on getting a VIP Pack for Soundcore Cares? Let me know in the comments.


I am going to have to go find it now but I thought somebody had this on Amazon and had posted it recently. They are some good looking buds

If I could swing the money I would donate for the cause, but its tough with just me working and having had to get a new vehicle to get to work.

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I like the look, but not for me.

The color look amazing by the way

As much as I can see the value for some, It’s been trying times for many and there are many more essential charity’s that are desperate for input.

Plus only $20 from the profit of the sale of limited edition Pros going to the charity? Seems a little too low to me, or have I missed something?

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The color is very nice

Hope the concert goes great. I know with us leaving to see relatives, I would not have chance to enjoy it.

You still have to pay for the hardware, and their margins are probably decent but not huge.

As always, if you want money to go to a cause, give money directly to the cause. Separately, buy the random things you want for yourself. Then it is obvious what is generosity and what is a purchase.

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100% @jercox
My line of thinking, and how i belive these things should be when large manufactures are involved, Is that they earn £0 profit from these things.
If a charity is important enough for a big brand to get behind it shouldn’t make them profit.
But perhaps my outlook is a little old fashioned :grin:

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