What’s Your Favorite Equalizer?

Hi guys!

It’s Winnie, and I’m the newest addition to the amazing Soundcore team! Some of you may have noticed that I wrote my first piece last week HERE, and I’m thankful for the overwhelming support!

As a newcomer, I’ve been testing out the different headphones and earbuds, as well as the Soundcore app. If you’ve just started using Soundcore like me, welcome aboard! Today’s post is a little refresher on what the app does and we’ve got a fun little challenge for you to take part in. Read on to find out!

Overview of the Soundcore App

Getting the most out of any app includes more than just learning the basic things. It’s also about knowing how to make the app work best for you. Let’s dive right in.

After connecting the Life Q30 headphones to the app, you’ll see the main menu that shows Equalizer and Sleep Mode on the bottom of your screen.

ANC Settings

Above the two functions, you’ll find the ambient sound section. You’ll get to choose from noise cancellation, transparency mode, or normal. Under these spatial audio options, you’ll have 3 different modes: transport, indoor, and outdoor - all to provide you with the best listening experience.

Superior Sleep

It’s proven that relaxing sounds can help you sleep better. The “Superior Sleep” feature lets you listen to meditative and soothing sounds to improve sleep quality and to wake up feeling refreshed.

Get a taste of ambient sounds such as birds chirping, rainfall, crashing waves, wind, and more. You’ll also get to create your own “Sleepscape” of sound by editing the levels of each sound and creating your personal combination.

Soundcore Signature EQ

For regular music listeners who dislike all the fuss, there are 22 default EQs in the Soundcore app. At Soundcore, we even have some special presets made by our Grammy award-winning producers.


If you’re new to EQ, I recommend selecting from this wide range of presets and moving on from there. Eventually, you’ll be able to set each level to your exact preferences.

Custom EQ

While some of you may like presets, others may prefer to create their own EQ for the perfect sound. You can give your customized EQ a name and adjust it however you like. As for me, I enjoy listening to EDM, so I’ve custom-made an EQ that emphasizes bass that can enhance the beat and named it “Big Bang Bass.” :sunglasses:


Now that you’ve seen my custom EQ setting, it’s your chance to share yours!

Here comes the fun part: Submit your preferred EQ settings, and in next week’s core update, we will create a poll for the community to pick a winner! The most-voted custom EQ will get 50 points and an honorary title of ‘Community Audio Master.’

Get going and show us your ideal EQ settings below. Can’t wait to see who will be crowned the winner. :tada:


Alrighty, looks like I’m the first one. I am entering Booster 2 into this contest. Out of all of my EQ’s, this one is my favorite.


@WinnieW95 Thanks for a helpful overview.

My favourite EQ is the Acoustic setting.

It gives a good level of bass and boosts the higher frequencies.
I have typical age related hearing loss and tinnitus* and the boost in higher frequencies suits me.
(I have tried some custom settings, but I find the acoustic EQ works across a range of music genres).

*I have a loud constant high pitched whistle.
The Ambient Sounds in superior sleep are really helpful as they distract from the tinnitus.
I have recommended the Q30s/Q35s in a tinnitus group this week because of the EQ and Superior sleep features in the app.


This is for the Liberty Air 2 Pros. It’s a tweak from Mazaroh on Reddit. The vocals are clear. There’s a nice rumble from the bass that’s still not overpowering. The highs a slightly elevated to bring out more clarity. I’m still tweaking, but I’m here for now.


It doesn’t make much sense to “share” the eq.
Better to see it as a suggestion which can be tried. :grin:

The “ear”, better the hearing ability and the feeling for sound varies a lot .
The type of music is different, also the quality of the recording and then type of speaker, earbuds and headphones which are used.

So everybody should find out what is best for him by playing around a lot.


My preference is close to Piano so here it is. I’m not too big of bass guy but putting it up to 3 or so at 200 and 400 kHz is good enough and not too overwhelming. I do like mids and highs more amplified


I agree. It’s all subjective. However starting points are useful for playing around. I’ve been learning a lot by trying others EQs and tweaking to my own ears. This thread intrigues me for that reason.

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While I don’t think there is such a thing as best EQ because different equipment have different sound signatures (Ex: I think what would sound good for the Motion + wouldn’t necessarily sound good for the Motion Boom), plus people have different tastes.

That all being said, here’s my EQ for the Motion Booms running in TWS. I listen to mainly Classic Rock.


I agree - our hearing is unique and our listening experience is subjective.

Having the EQ is great as it does mean we can adjust what we hear to match our preferences, but what suits me may not suit someone else.

No right or wrong, just different.


Guess I’m going to have to play with my eq a little more I bounce between a couple depending on what I’m feeling ill also give everyone else’s a try definitely think it’s cool and crazy how much people’s ears can change how they hear things


I liked your EQ on Q35 (using it rn actually to test) but it was a little too bassy for my liking. The bass is nice but I like a bit more treble since the punchy bass was just a little too much at times

The vocals are definitely clear on yours compared to say @supersmacker1234’s EQ but bass was even more pronounced on yours which wasn’t too pleasing for me because of the songs i listen to. But I could definitely use this to boost bass on some songs that lack it in the original soundclip

You know, I usually will keep it on soundcore signature most times. I will switch potentially depending on what I am doing. So if I am listening to something that has a lot of bass in , I may change to something with more bass or will just use different devices with more bass up instead.

I go back and forth with the 100hz between +3 when I’m doing cinematic listening to 0 or -2ish when I want a more neutralized bass. I think when I posted that, I was listening to some movie score electronic-classical type stuff.


That makes sense. Bass is definitely nice for cinematic audios especially since they were designed to be that way

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I understand that, and I was thinking that someone would say this because I enjoy lots of bass, but with a little tweaking this should work well for you.

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Yep it is a good start for sure and wouldn’t be too difficult to adjust. I guess the songs I listened to didn’t sounds great with such bass but I know there are others that I can listen to with this kind of bass. But vocals and treble would need to be adjusted

I like various equalizer settings, sometimes extreme …
I like a lot of bass and soprano for listening to trance music.
These are my settings: